Teacher Clarity

Teacher Clarity

You can dramatically increase student achievement by creating explicit learning intentions and success criteria. What makes Teacher Clarity effective is that it’s not only about the clarity of communication from a teacher to a student - it goes both ways! While clarity occurs during the teaching and learning cycle in the classroom, it is the result of explicit planning that took place prior to the instruction.

The Four Dimensions of Clarity

Clarity of Organization

When instruction and assignments are aligned to learning objectives

Clarity of Explanation

When the content and directions are clearly articulated

Clarity of Examples

When there is time for practice, feedback, and gradual release of instructional support

Clarity of Assessment

When teachers regularly seek and receive feedback from student work

(Source: Fendick, 1990)

Participants will leave this two-day session with the ability to:

  • Understand and enact the four dimensions of clarity
  • Promote teacher clarity through guided and independent practice
  • Create effective learning intentions and success criteria
  • Incorporate a clarity framework in their schools and districts

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