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Leading the Collective: Leadership Strategies for Effective Teaching and Coaching

Ready to master the art and science of guiding teacher teams and professional learning communities? During this webinar, explore the critical role leaders play in nurturing effective teams, contrasting instructional leadership with mere management, and integrating practical strategies with research-based insights. Viewers gain a robust understanding of leadership balance, from setting visions to creating a culture where these visions are realized. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and actionable steps, this webinar aims to spark a conversation about the transformative power of effective leadership in education, inspiring viewers to elevate their practice and enrich the educational experiences of their teachers and students.



Leading and Coaching Teacher Teams and PLCs

Teacher teams and PLCs are highly regarded professional practices, yet their effectiveness can diminish without a structured approach. To truly influence teaching and learning, collaborative efforts must be rooted in professional trust. By prioritizing the development of collective efficacy and engaging in candid discussions about instructional methods, we can genuinely propel student outcomes.

In this webinar, viewers gain insights into effectively guiding and motivating teachers through a proven collaborative protocol. The four-step Achievement Teams process is unveiled, offering a blueprint for establishing objectives, facilitating purposeful conversations, and nurturing a culture of shared accountability.



Driving Impact, Action, and Achievement with Teacher Collaboration That Works!

Educators have a greater impact on student achievement when they work together. Yet collaborative models like PLCs often become unguided or misdirected, and thus ineffective. When schools and districts de-emphasize individual practice and promote collective ability, both educator collaboration and student achievement increase.

With Achievement Teams, educators use a four-step protocol designed to drive collaborative conversations that lead to new learning, ultimately resulting in a positive impact on student achievement. Teacher collaboration becomes more meaningful and impactful when schools implement Achievement Teams as part of their ongoing professional development.

Discovering Achievement Teams: The Key to Effective Collaboration

High-functioning teams are essential to the continuous improvement of schools – especially in times of change and uncertainty. Watch this on-demand webinar and discover how Achievement Teams™ can provide structure for teachers to collaboratively identify areas of need and help form positive, long-lasting habits.

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Learning Progressions and Success Criteria: Bringing Clarity and Focus to Instructional Planning

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