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From Steve Ventura and Michelle Ventura

Achievement Teams: How a Better Approach to PLCs Can Improve Student Outcomes and Teacher Efficacy

This publication can help all educators begin or strengthen their collaborative protocols such as PLCs or Data Teams. In truth, the term “PLC” has lost its meaning in many schools. In the absence of protocols and disciplined collaboration, a PLC may be nothing more than a staff meeting. While the ultimate goal of Achievement Teams is to increase student learning, the structure fosters collaboration and encourages common goals and shared learning. The Achievement Teams protocol is heavily based on the Visible Learning research of John Hattie. The components of Achievement Teams intentionally align with those teacher and leadership influences that research shows have the greatest impact on student achievement. The Achievement Teams process is not a program; it is a framework built on collaborative philosophies and processes designed to elevate collective efficacy. A program will typically lose sustainability when there is a change in faculty and leadership, but sound professional practice never goes out of style.

Steve Ventura has had several opportunities to collaborate and co-author publications with thought leaders, like Professor John Hattie, Dr. Douglas Reeves, and Larry Ainsworth. The selection of publications listed below feature Steve's contributions about grading policies and practices, assessment, goal setting and strategic planning, teacher and leadership collaboration, Common Core implementation, and specific leadership and teaching behaviors that advance student growth and achievement. Please click each book cover for additional information.