Leading Teacher Clarity

Leading Teacher Clarity

In John Hattie’s Visible Learning, teacher clarity was identified as an organizational instructional strategy focused on creating explicit learning intentions and success criteria. It is stating something clearly rather than implicit or implied instruction. 

The difference between these two variables (explicit and implicit) is quite significant. With a notable effect size of .75, teacher clarity has the potential to increase student achievement dramatically.

What does teacher clarity look like in practice? Educators use words like “program” or “system” because those terms are easy to understand. However, teacher clarity is neither a program or system. It is a framework built on collaborative philosophies and explicit instruction.

When teams work together in pursuit of a common goal, then clarity must be the foundation so reaching goals become a reality. In schools, one of the most frustrating issues with initiative implementation is lack of clarity from building or system level leadership. In this chaotic environment, teams resort to lower level teaching and learning, with an emphasis on confusion.

Leading with clarity requires:

1. Purpose

2. Planning

3. Responsibility

This session will concentrate on those key leadership components that promote teacher clarity, permitting participants to leave with foundational knowledge on how to incorporate a “clarity framework” into their schools and districts.

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