Simple, Smart, Effective

Let's be honest...simple is NOT a trending concept in education. But there is a place for simplicity. We don't trivialize school improvement by suggesting it's easy. However, when we embrace the value of focused implementation and collective efficacy, teams of educators can promote positive change in an environment that motiviates all stakeholders.

In education, the resolve to stay focused is challenged by many distractions throughout the year. But we can maintan our focus by simply reminding ourselves that helping students and teachers succeed is paramount.

Finally, we know something about organizational improvement. Success is not how many initiatives a school or district can implement. It's the degree of implementation that is the most important variable when comparing student achievement results to initiatives. 

Because every event and group is different, Steve will customize a package of services for your unique needs, including pre-event consultation and resources your group can continue to use long after the event has come and gone. 

Key Note Speaking and Hot Topics:

  • From Outdated to Outstanding: Retooling Your Collaborative Leadership Profile
  • Collective Teacher Efficacy: Implications for School Leaders, Instructional Coaches, and Teachers
  • Assessment Literacy and Short-Cycle Assessments
  • Evaluating Your Leadership Impact: The Key to Continous School Improvement
  • How Effective Teams Collaborate: Achievement Teams

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