The Power of Collective Teacher Efficacy and Collaboration

The Power of Collective Teacher Efficacy and Collaboration

The Power of Collective Teacher Efficacy and Collaboration

By: Steve Ventura

After decades of working with schools and leadership teams, one takeaway has always remained consistent. Students achieve more when teachers collaborate, and collaboration has the power to accelerate the effectiveness of teacher teams. 

Achievement Teams™ is an effective four-step protocol centered around Collective Teacher Efficacy – a shared belief that educators can have a greater impact on student achievement when they work together. By implementing greater structure and introducing collaborative strategies to teams of educators, collective ability can be transformed, strengthening individual members and team achievement as a whole. 

Our team at Advanced Collaborative Solutions offers school leaders, teachers, and leadership teams the tools and information to empower one another through collaboration. Today, we’re excited to share three of our top resources from 2021 centered around this important topic.


Resource #1. Developing Smart Goals for SEL Using the Achievement Teams Process 

Student needs have diversified. Providing students with proper support extends beyond academic needs exclusively, and the urgency of teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has become clearer than ever. COVID-19 continues to alter students' lives and learning experiences, and SEL offers resources to help students cope with change and the subsequent emotional side effects. 

Our Achievement Teams process guides students in goal setting to help accelerate growth and learning within and beyond the classroom. In this blog post, we discuss:

  • Five key factors of the SMART goal framework and how it can be used to motivate students and help them advance goals
  • Strategies for assisting and supporting students on their individual goal setting journeys
  • Tips for encouraging student motivation, self-awareness, and personal growth on their individual goal setting journeys

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Resource #2. 3 Ways to Accelerate the Success of your Teacher Teams

Improving the collaboration of teacher teams has the potential to accelerate individual and collective success for both students and educators. We recommend prioritizing three practices – focus, clarity, and accountability – to better support your teams. In this blog post, we discuss:

  • How focus, clarity, and accountability can align, elevate, and transform your team’s collective achievement and success
  • The essential role that focus plays in successful and meaningful collaboration – especially with instructional leaders and teachers
  • Strategies for strengthening individual team members to help them move forward with autonomy while encouraging shared accountability and collective achievement

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Resource #3. Developing Teacher Clarity through Achievement Teams

Clarity is a framework built on collaborative philosophy and explicit instruction. It also serves as a foundation for making goals become realities. Rather than implicit or implied instruction, stating something explicitly and clearly leads to success for both teacher teams and learners. In this blog post, we discuss:

  • How explicit instruction benefit all students, regardless of a student's demographics or abilities
  • How a lack of clarity from leadership can lead to confusion and chaos for both students and educators
  • Strategies for teacher teams that lead to more effective student learning
  • Why clear collaboration is critical when implementing new initiatives

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Become Achievement Teams Certified

There is power in collaboration, and when teachers collaborate, everyone is empowered.

Our Achievement Teams certification is a collaborative and action-oriented three-day event that transforms the way teaching and leadership teams function and communicate. Designed for educators at all levels, our four-step Achievement Teams protocol presents a unique opportunity to build in-house in-house capacity and strengthen collective efficacy.

Whether you’re implementing Data Teams, PLCs, or are brand new to collaborative protocols, this training will help participants determine actions to empower teaching and leadership teams through disciplined collaboration. Connect with a member of our team to learn more about how you can bring an Advanced Collaborative Solutions training to your site and renew your team’s enthusiasm for teaching, learning, and leadership.