Leadership Development and Impact

The demands of leadership almost always exceed the capacity of a single person to meet the needs of an organization.

So what is it, specifically, that instructional leaders do? How can leaders overcome the "politics of distraction" when it comes to leading change? Do our best teachers leave lousy schools or lousy leaders? Instructional leadership must be focused on evidence, not tradition. In order to become an instructional leader, principals must decide if they prefer impact over popularity. Can leaders be both? I suppose so, but true leadership means standing up for change, even if that change is initially unpopular. Moreover, instructional leaders must maintain a learning environment based on quality teaching, student engagement, evaluation of instructional impact, and create positive home-school relationships. 

Leading System-Wide Reform

This session will show leaders how to prioritize strategies that will have an immediate impact on their most important personal and organizational objectives. Topics include:

  • Achievement Teams for Leaders
  • Establishing Goals and Expectations for Your School or District
  • Align Resources to Identified Goals
  • Improved Decision Making Based on Evidence
  • Promoting and Participating in Teacher Learning and Development

From Floodlight to Flashlight: Instructional Leaders Narrow Their Focus

Schools and districts benefit from a greater degree of focus. This includes curriculum focus, like identifying the most important standards and explicitly telling teachers that universal coverage of every academic standard is neither necessary or wise. Moreover, instructional leaders understand that it is not the number of programs you implement, but the degree of implementation that makes a meaningful difference. The psychological advantages of implementation are increased when teachers and other stakeholders realize that in order to accomplish something significant, other tasks deemed insignificant or ineffective must be discontinued. 

Join Steve for an unforgettable, inspirational session, and learn how to pursue higher levels of leadership with greater focus, rigor and clarity.

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