Virtual PD

Virtual PD

At Advanced Collaborative Solutions, we have built our virtual professional development options to be customizable, impactful, and cost-effective. Ranging from leadership coaching, to small- or large-group PD and keynotes, our goal is to provide the coaching and training to support your team's specific needs.

One virtual PD engagement typically consists of three, 90-minute live webinar sessions split over multiple days or weeks. These 90-minute sessions allow for ease of scheduling, increased focus and engagement from educators, and allow the ACS team to provide feedback between sessions and alter instruction based on the audience need.

The investment for one virtual PD day includes pre- and post-engagement call with stakeholders, planning and customization of instruction, access to handouts and materials, and three, 90-minute PD webinars using Advanced Collaborative Solutions' platform. Contact us to learn more about pricing. 

Customize your own offering or choose from one of our popular packages below:

Achievement Teams: 2 PD Days (6, 90-minute sessions with teachers and leaders)

Achievement Teams is an experiential, collaborative protocol that focuses on collective teacher efficacy and teacher clarity. Using the Achievement Teams framework, groups of teachers can use assessment data to focus on instructional strategies that work best in increasing student outcomes.

Instructional Leadership: 2 or 3 PD Days (6-9, 90-minute sessions with leadership teams)

Instructional leadership is a significant factor in facilitating, improving, and promoting students' academic progress. Through this training, instructional leaders will have the ability to create and foster levels of self and collective efficacy within their schools.

Teacher Clarity: 2 PD Days (6, 90-minute sessions with teachers and leaders)

Teacher clarity is the practice of creating explicit, not implied, learning intentions and success criteria for students. With an effect size of .76, teacher clarity has the potential to significantly improve student outcomes, making it a critical part of any instructional framework.

Formative Assessment (6, 90-minute sessions with teachers and leaders)

This powerful and interactive training will demonstrate how teachers and leaders can create and implement effective short-cycle assessments, implement and analyze assessment results, and help students become better consumers of self assessment and success criteria through the creation of scoring guides.