Principals need coaching too.  Often times, leaders are isolated and may not have consistent access to leadership opportunities.  Investing in the principal-coach relationship is a particularly cost-effective way to improve teaching and learning while providing opportunities to enhance an effective leadership profile.

A strong relationship between an administrator and instructional coach leads to high levels of collaboration, commitment, creativity, communication, and change. When principals and coaches work shoulder to shoulder, priority is centered on high quality instruction and support for teachers. Mutual trust and respect of knowledge and talents is also evident in the relationship.

Developing the partnership between principal and instructional coach is key to sustainable school improvement (Lambert, 2002).  The principal and coach leverage teachers’ strengths to create a school culture focused on growth and reflection. Through a balanced partnership, school principals and coaches transform their shared vision to significantly impact student achievement.

Our initial seminar offers insight drawn from our professional experiences. We share concrete steps on how to develop and strengthen the principal-coach partnership. An effective partnership means that there are agreements between the instructional coach and principal. For example:

We agree that:

  • Coaches work to be catalysts for positive change 100% of the time.
  • 50% of a coach’s responsibility should involve working as a curricular and instructional specialist.
  • 25% of a coach’s responsibility should involve working as a data coach.
  • 25% of a coach’s responsibility should involve planning and facilitating professional development.

Session Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand the role and purpose of an instructional coach
  • Explore the power of communication through reflection of core values
  • Examine and prepare for a partnering conversation
  • Review tools to implement a successful principal - coach partnership
  • Create a clear plan that uses disciplined collaboration design templates and other tools to acquire efficacy for the principal-coach partnership

As educators, the work that we are tasked with is crucial. This seminar offers an opportunity to explore how an intentional partnership between principal and coach leads to sustainable impact.

To schedule this professional development opportunity, please contact:

Brigid Perhach (download bio here)  

Cris Ramirez (download bio here)