Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Whether we are teaching or leading, our goal is to respond to our students—who they are, where they come from, and what they do—to maximize their achievements. The question is, “How?” When it comes to diverse student populations, modifying instructional strategies, although important, is not enough. Effective educators and education leaders understand that they must also change their expectations.

Palmer (1998) contends, "We teach who we are." In other words, teachers and school leaders’ lived experiences form the basis of their actions and decisions, to include those which directly impact student outcomes.

Students from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds not only achieve significantly below their white peers, they also experience the lowest expectations (Boser, Wilhem, & Hanna, 2014). We will work together to change that!

This three two-day seminar series offers interventions for reversing the perpetual underachievement too many of our students continue to face.

Seminar Outcomes

Participants will

  • Understand the big picture of culturally responsive practice.
  • Explore personal biases through professional critical reflection.
  • Examine instruction that is “responsive.”
  • Plan action research to integrate culturally responsive practice into daily and systemic professional, practical repertoire. 
  • Become proactive change agents working towards permanently reversing student underachievement.

In the 2014-2015 school year, students in minority groups made up more than half of the kindergarten class, nationwide. As student demographics evolve, teacher expectations must also evolve, not only for current students and their families but for future students and their long-term success in college and the workplace.

This bespoke seminar is a must for teachers and school leaders whose aim is to effect first-rate outcomes for all students.

To schedule this professional development opportunity, please contact:

Dr. Aime Black (download bio here) | (949) 697-1588

She is also on twitter at Aime_Black