Media Kit

Media Kit

Suggested Introduction

Steve Ventura is an educator, a leader, and a teacher advocate. He exemplifies each of these descriptors with determination and passion.

Steve has been creating and leading change in education for 20 years.

He is the co-author of five books, and an author/consultant with Corwin Professional Learning.
Steve is the founder and president of Advanced Collaborative Solutions — an education community movement that challenges and inspires students and educators to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to teaching, learning, and leadership.

Today Steve will be speaking about ________________.
Please welcome Steve Ventura.


Company Brochure

Travel with Steve


Steve Ventura flies in coach; usually from San Luis Obispo, CA but often from other cities in which he works. He books his own air travel. When consulting, airline fees are all inclusive.


Most conferences reserve and pay for Steve's hotel room at the principal conference hotel, but Steve is happy to make his own arrangements if the client prefers. When consulting, hotel fees are all inclusive.

Airport Transfers:

Steve typically takes a car service from the airport to his hotel, even if it is a considerable distance. If a team member is traveling with him, they will rent a car and drive, when appropriate. When consulting, car rental fees are all inclusive.

Presentation Requirements:

When feasible, Steve prefers that audience members be seated at tables, rather than in rows of chairs. This is especially true for extended workshops.

Steve’s presentation requires:

  • A standard projector
  • Connection cables from the projector to his laptop (HDMI preferred)
  • A connection to play audio from his laptop
  • Steve uses a 2018 Macbook Pro
  • Steve brings with him a USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 adaptor for both VGA and HDMI connections