The Leader's Role in the Instructional Process

The Leader's Role in the Instructional Process

What is it, specifically, that effective leaders do to support and implement instructional leadership? How can leaders overcome the "politics of distraction" when it comes to leading change? Effective leadership must focus on evidence, not tradition. In order to become an instructional leader, we must decide if leaders prefer impact over popularity.

Today's school leaders must be evaluators, consistently evaluating the impact that they and their colleagues are having on student learning on an ongoing basis. When we question what needs to be improved, it will help us identify the evidence to be collected.

In this thoughtful and interactive session, Steve Ventura describes the instructional leadership behaviors that have the greatest impact on student outcomes. The focus is to share and explain those contemporary leadership dimensions that truly lead to better results.

If you are a school or central office leader wishing to increase your level of influence, this session can help you create a detailed plan to gather evidence that leads to deeper impact and increased levels of organizational success, with greater focus, rigor, and clarity.

Join Steve for an unforgettable, inspirational experience, and learn how schools, districts, and states can be the engines of innovation, replacing ineffective accountability practices with those that genuinely inform teaching, learning, and leadership. 

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Location and Accommodations

In the heart of California’s Central Coast, not far from San Luis Obispo and the vineyards of Paso Robles and Edna Valley, is one of the most unique and authentic hotels, a place where vintage charm, exceptionally personalized service and a gentle sense of tranquility merge to create an unforgettable experience.

The Carlton Hotel is the perfect venue for you or your team to become Achievement Team Certfied! You will be situated close to the California coastline, a multitide of fine resturants, wineries, and beautiful trails for hiking and site seeing. We have also secured a discounted hotel rate for those out-of-towners who require a place to stay.

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