Leadership Feedback Survey

The Benefits of Giving Feedback

How skillful are you at giving both positive and negative feedback? What is your attitude about this important aspect of leadership? As a leader, one of the most important things you do is give feedback. When you let people know how they're doing, you give them the chance to change unhelpful habits, and you reward and cement positive behavior.

Use this quiz to find out how well you give feedback, and to discover how you can give better feedback in the future.


Evaluate each statement as you actually are, rather than as you think you should be. When you've finished, click "Done" to add up your score, and use the explanations that follow to think about your next steps. Once you have read your results, please scroll down to the bottom of the survery and click "Done" again to clear your information.

Score Interpretation

15 - 34
Your feedback is not always clear, which means that people may not act on it. They may not understand what they need to change, or why.

When you give feedback, prepare for the session carefully, and comment clearly on recent situations where a behavior or action has had a negative impact. State your case assertively, and outline the consequences of not acting on the feedback.

35 - 55
Sometimes people heed your feedback, but others may question it or follow it inconsistently. Offer regular opportunities to discuss feedback, and check that it's been understood. Don't forget to give praise  as well. 

56 - 75
People listen to your feedback, and act on it. They value your comments because they know that you've taken time to think about them. Your team members act on your comments, and grow personally and professionally as a result.

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